Monday, September 26, 2011

Mast, etc.

 Finishing the mast, boom and yard (for balanced lug) went pretty smoothly.  I made a couple of changes, though, from plan.  First, I was a little worried about the strength of the mast scarf joint so a couple of dowels were drilled and epoxied into the joint.

Because of the way I plan to rig the balanced lug, I decided to form a round rather than square mast, as supplied by CLC.  After some calculations I planed enough of the square corners and then the resulting angles off the mast to create a close approximation of a round mast.  I ended up with a little less than a two inch diameter, which may or may not be strong enough for 57 square feet of sail.  If it doesn't work (punt) there is a plan for making a more stout mast next year.

One thing I discovered was that the use of these V-shaped rests really help when planing and sanding to steady the spars.

No epoxy was applied to the spars.  When varnishing the spars they rested on a couple of half inch dowels to keep them off the bench.  That way I could varnish the entire spar at once instead of in two or three sessions.  Three coats of varnish and done.

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